Activity 3.5 Screening visits and public campaigns in the communities

13 August 2021

Within activity 3.5, the project team has so far carried out several screening visits and public campaigns to assess the health status of the target groups in the general population and to provide them with personalized feedback, as well as preventive advice related to their current condition, especially for the risk of overweight / obesity and type 2 diabetes.

This is one of the largest project activities, involving most of the project staff and student volunteers, as well as most of the equipment and consumables purchased during the project. The volunteer students participating in these campaigns received previous training from senior project members through activity 3.4 and received ongoing supervision throughout their involvement in project activities.

So far, campaigns have been carried out in the localities: Suceava, Ilișești, Șcheia, Moara and Sf. Ilie and 202 people were evaluated. The team identified 35 people at high risk for prediabetes and diabetes and 83 people at high risk for overweight and obesity. 

The situation of the target group so far is as follows: 

– from the target group of 100 people with prediabetes and undiagnosed type 2 diabetes, representing an increased risk, 35 people were identified, representing 35% of this target.

– from the target group of 300 people at risk for overweight, obesity and diabetes, 125 people with moderate and high risk for overweight and obesity were identified (83 increased risk and 42 moderate risk) and 47 people at moderate and high risk for diabetes (35 at high risk and 12 identified at moderate risk), having a total of 172 people for this target, representing 57.3% of this target.

The public campaigns will continue to run until 15.10.2021 in the localities Suceava, Ilișești, Șcheia, Moara and Sf. Ilie. These public campaigns will take place in public spaces for both adults and children. Beneficiaries will be evaluated and their health results will be processed and interpreted within minutes, after which they will be given personalized feedback on their current health and preventive measures to avoid / reduce the risk of obesity. and diabetes. Leaflets and information leaflets containing advice on healthy eating and exercise have been and will be offered to all persons who have participated in Health on Wheels clinic, regardless of whether or not they agree to have their health measurements performed.

Last modified: 13 August 2021

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